Who is Melemau

Melemau, fashion design and illustration. Melemau we are two publicists, Caridad and Belén, one grows with the design and the other with the brushes, both of us recreate ourselves with art.

We are sisters, daughters and granddaughters of a lineage of great women, beautiful and strong. That is why our first "faces" / Faces collection is a series of faces of enigmatic women, with looks full of strength and illusions, expressions that tell stories.

In our genetics is engraved with fire the love of nature, animals are our family and the flowers our most precious jewels.

That's why in our new collection the protagonists are the fresh hydrangeas, which grow in a shady garden area and the cactus, which takes advantage of the warm sunsets to show off its purple color, and the serene rosebush that Observe how green your stem. The animals that harbored our childhood and accompanied us along our way, the cow, the rooster, the chick and the dogs are also part of the Melemau family.

What is Melemau?

Melemau poses a natural way of dressing, inspired creations, beautiful and joyous garments, with cuts of studied design that feed the taste for clothes as an object of enjoyment.

In Melemau we like t-shirts and sweatshirts with soul, unique pieces, works of art that take to the streets to provide movement, starring in live and fresh stories.

The creations of Melemau, are garments made in Galicia, with loving hands, in small runs and with great care. Warm fabrics, made of 100% high quality cotton. Careful impressions of the cleanest and deepest colors.

These are the clothes that we like and we present them on our website. They are pieces in limited series and we send them to you with a numbered certificate. We also offer original illustrations on paper of the highest quality, acid free and resistant to aging. Honey-based watercolors that result in delicate nuances of great quality.

We are very excited to share with you Melemau, our most personal project. With all the pride and passion.